A Book by Roger Dunham

The Rape of Hippocrates

As the patients of America are struggling to find available and adequate primary medical care, and as the accessibility of physicians has plummeted to rock-bottom levels, The Rape of Hippocrates takes readers into the heart of medicine to identify the problems and create solutions.  As the author, a veteran physician with 40 years practicing Internal Medicine, describes the personal effects of declining Hippocratic morality and ethics, a pathway emerges that allows for a return of primary medical care following the standards previously emblematic of American medicine.  The challenge for this return is rapidly increasing as patient volume expands, each person battling his or her own elements of suffering, and as available physicians who follow the Oath of Hippocrates disappear through retirement, corporate absorption, or by quitting their practices.  We are facing a national crisis that requires a national response to resolve the doctor shortage, as the time has come for a declaration of a healthcare emergency. The reader is guided through the elements of symptoms and survival, as well as the medical traditions defined by Hippocrates, the pharmaceutical industry’s activities on drug prices, and a comparison with other medical systems throughout the world as so many populations have also tried to follow the the Hippocratic pathway.

The Rape of Hippocrates provides guidance for the solutions, by doctors, by the government, and by the patients who seek decent primary medical care.