A Novel by Roger Dunham

The story the Navy wanted to block

How far would a father go to save the life of his daughter?

If the father is a highly-decorated commanding officer of a fast-attack nuclear submarine and his beautiful daughter Caroline calls for help, late at night from her pristine yacht in the South China Sea, how far would he go to find her, how far would he go to save her? The words, screaming into the cell phone, horrify him, “Daddy, they’re killing everybody and they’re coming for me, can you help us? Please, can you save…” before the line goes dead.

A father who loves his daughter will do whatever it takes to find her and to save her life.

He will search for her even if his career is sacrificed, even if his life is threatened by terrorists and by machinery failures inside his submarine, and even if he may spend the remainder of his life in prison.  In the dark of night, quietly through the black waters of Pearl Harbor, his mission begins with a committed skeleton crew…taking him through thousands of miles of ocean as powerful naval forces search for him and seek his destruction.  His destination: the waters off Palawan Island in the Philippines.

Facing the vicious terrorists who are holding Caroline, he is prepared for battle….

He is ready to bring his daughter home.

A warning: once you start this book, it cannot be stopped…

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