A Novel by Roger Dunham

The two medical doctors, interns on the notorious Jail Ward of USC/LA County Medical Center, reported to their first assignment as newly-minted physicians.

The shocking reality of the first month, indeed, the first day, on the 13th floor Jail Ward was a jolting blast of fear, challenge, death and brutality that brought a new kind of learning to the doctors. Inside the heart of a very frightened Dr. Skeeters and inside the bravado soul of the charismatic Dr. Decker came the lessons of the 13th floor as they struggled with violent prisoners and the smothering County bureaucracy to diagnose and to survive in the face of extraordinary challenge. The process of learning from prisoners and their sometimes fatal conditions, the battles against nature that often ended in tragedy, the real life experiences that taught more than the professors who were in short supply, shaped the doctors into something far beyond their expectations as they eventually discovered an underlying criminal operation that threatened their very lives.

The prisoners in FINAL DIAGNOSIS are real, the doctors are real, and as the reader joins Drs. Skeeters and Decker for the month through the Jail Ward, the ride will become intense!

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By RKHawaii (5 STARS) This book has it all

– suspense, mystery, love, and intensity. It was a page-turner and all I could think about was that this should be a movie! Final Diagnosis tells the compelling story of two interns on the Jailward at USC County Medical Center — appropriately located on the 13th floor — where the “bad guys” go when they are injured while committing a crime or when prisoners are in need of medical care. The book puts the reader in the shoes of Stephen Decker and Blake Skeeters, two young doctors trying to complete their residency rotation on the jailward without getting themselves killed. This book is like the TV-show ER, except when you’re dealing with criminals, the stakes and the intensity is 100X more thrilling. Imagine it’s your job to draw the blood of a Hells Angel who promises you that if you so much as touch him, you and your family will be killed? The best part is that it is based on a true story and is written by a doctor who knows what he’s talking about — he was a resident on the jailward. I HIGHLY recommend this book and hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

By PWTSD (5 STARS) Fun Roller Coaster Ride of a Story!

I liked Final Diagnosis. Fun, likable characters that I could identify with. It sucks you in… this is one of the few books I finished in just a couple of days… easy read with lots of surprises, which I always enjoy. Every few pages, I’d find myself saying, “whoop! I didn’t see that coming!” Perfect for anyone looking for a roller coaster ride of a story! By Kimberly Ramirez on March 23, 2014 – Captivating story line and exciting through and through Within the first few sentences I knew this would be a fun/great read! I loved the development of the characters and the moments of humor. It is incredible that the characters and events were based on shocking life events, I appreciated the author sharing these medical stories with the reader. Will definitely be recommending this book to friends and family.

By jneu89 (5 STARS) Page-turner!

Final Diagnosis grabbed me on the first page! It is exciting, intense, and kept me captivated all the way to the end. The characters were unique, yet relatable. All the medical terminology was fun and interesting too. Amazing that this story was based on real people and events! I’ll certainly be recommending this book to others.