Soviet Navy Submarine Disaster Novel
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Rogue Captain
The Rape of Hippocrates

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From medicine to underwater survival aboard a nuclear submarine, from the terrorism of piracy in the South China Sea to survival against the medical forces of nature, Roger C. Dunham has crafted a series of intriguing books defining the ultimate in human challenge: SURVIVAL.

Author Roger C. Dunham M.D.


Dr. Dunham’s personal involvement with the subjects of his books, ranging from his Jail Ward duties as an intern fresh out of UCLA Medical School to his service as a nuclear reactor operator aboard a submarine and his challenges of 40 years of practicing Internal Medicine, allows an authoritative credibility that holds the reader spellbound. As Dr. Dunham will tell you, these books are not about invented threats to survival, they are not contrived—they tell stories about the very real daily challenges faced by human beings in the tumultuous world of medicine and in the battlefields beneath the seas.

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